Modified OPALE V2 Compact for satellite application


Integrate four existing full-height and full-length PCI Express RF boards into a 2U / 19 ” / 500mm max. depth industrial PC.

Optimizing the cost price of the customer’s product line in order to address the Low / Mid-End market of the Internet for all with the rush to the low orbits.

application satellite

ECRIN Systems's solution

The development has used the basis of the OPALE V2 Compact COTS system designed by ECRIN Systems, to adapt it to the specific needs of the customer.

  • Enhanced ventilation for redirecting to the customer’s FPGA boards (position and choice of fans, flexible tunnel for ventilation flow guidance)
  • Development of a customised butterfly backplane to meet the requirements of the specifications
  • Re-use of cradle, front door, ventilator support with connection pannel

Model made within two weeks






Modified rack





Backplane study


  • 6th gen SHB Core i7 board (codename Skylake)
  • Server class PICMG 1.3 passive bus offering
    • 2 PCIe x16 slots wired to PCIe x8
    • 1 PCIe x16 slot wired to PCIe x4
    • 1 PCIe x16 slot not wired
  • 2x 500Watts redundant power supply
  • Rack auxiliary function


  • Supply with 2 weeks of 5 models based on the OPALE V2 Compact, with modified ventilation system and a customised front panel made in 3D printing
  • CE certification for the European Union and test report OC / CB requested for export by our customer
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