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ECRIN Systems fits COTS to transport

The French railway sector is booming as a result of the increasing demography in large cities, its ability to meet sustainable development’s requirements and its export leaders’ performance.
Meant to operate the transport of millions of passengers, it is characterized by strict requirements:

  • Passengers’ safety as a priority for railway manufacturers and operators,
  • Equipment’s reliability to guarantee everyday customer serviceLa fiabilité des matériels pour garantir le service client au quotidien (signaling, shunting control…
  • products and systems durability due to the equipments’ long life cycle (several decades).

For several years now, the rail and road transport sector has begun to change its inquiries, from specific products to COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) architectures based solutions, adapted to the sector’s constraints:

  • Implement the main transport standards
    • SIL : Operating safety : 5 Safety Integrity Levels from 0 to 4
    • EN 50155
    • IEC 61373
    • EN 60950
    • Shocks & vibrations, condensation, humidity
    • Durability and accuracy
  • Redundancy, system 2 among 3 to reach SIL 4 safety level
  •  -25°C / +55°C operating temperature without cooling system ; -25°C / +75°C extended range
  • Fanless cooling reliable and compact system
  • Equipments’ lifetime up to 30 years needing 10 years products’ durability with mid-life or 1/3 lifetime upgrades.


To meet the demand of this market, ECRIN Systems is able to have an answer for ground and on board products and systems. The system architecture is essential in engineering, design and realization of complex railway installations. It requires solid skills in security digital electronics in harsh or constrained environment and in operating safety.
The key word is reliabity and service availability for ground and embedded systems. Redundancy becomes integral if necessary and functioning is deterministic for the most critical services.

Therefore, ECRIN Systems works alongside its customer at all stages of the realization of its subassembly. 

  • Advice and specifications definition
  • Project management (launch review ; planning ; cost control, deadlines, risks, quality)
  • Engineering : system architecture ; mechanical, electronic and software design ; document management
  • Design department : mechanical and eletronic CAD ; checking and approval, industrialization ; qualification et standardization
  • Production and integration with tracking in our ERP
  • Implementation, maintenance
  • Extended warranty
  • Technical support
  • PLM with technological watch contract and obsolescence management.

In the transport sector, ECRIN Systems aims to combine the major standards of the Embedded market – cPCI/3U, VPX/3U, VME, COM Express and fanless PC Box – with the highest flexibility to offer strong innovation and customization capabilities to its customers.

With its solid experience, ECRIN Systems has built over the last 20 years a multi-faceted competences pool, an innovative and aware of environemental constraints design department, an efficient production tool, a project team that enable it to fully assume the responsabilities required by its customers of the transport and energy sector..

For each contract, ECRIN Systems is able to offer:

  • Dedicated project manager and development team
  • Integrated skills (design department, R&D unit) : mechanical and electronic CAD, software development, qualification, industrialization
  • Quality Management Program (ISO9001: 2015)
  • Skilled network of partners and subcontractors.

ECRIN Systems is a trusted partner in project management and engineering.

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