Our values


Much more than a computer

Proximity, innovation, excellence and commitment, here are the values we summon up to provide customer with the best and mature technology that will secure its project success.


Placing customer at the center of our concerns, we are totally commited in the success of its project.
About “made by ECRIN Systems” proximity:
  • Careful attention to your needs
  • a human scale reactive team (50 employees SME)
  • More than 40 years of industrial experience
  • Your satisfaction is our greater asset

… to effectively serve you: understanding your needs, real strength in high technology consulting and system, dedicated team to your project, worldwide distributors and integrators network (Europe, North America, BRICS, Middle East, Asia, Africa…), export development (cooperation agreements, OFFSET implementation for our prime contractors)…


With a design department team of 16 engineers and technicians, innovation is a key driver for ECRIN Systems which devotes 7% of its turnover in it.

About “made by ECRIN Systems” innovation:

  • Our R&D unit provides an important pool of expertise that feeds the activities of our engineering department.
  • Strong skills in R&D to turn innovation into industrial projects.
  • Agile design method to provide a high reactivity and rapid refocusing in case of drift or misunderstanding.
  • A “made by ECRIN” range of COTS and Modified COST products to reduce your time to market.

… to imagine tomorrow’s products: the “right” technical solution at controlled cost, suitable products to current challenges, innovation as our DNA for the next 10 years,…


Putting quality at the heart of our value system, we excel in offering you the Top of the Embedded.

About “made by ECRIN Systems” excellence:

  • A management system based on quality processes (ECRIN System is ISO 9001:2015 qualified)
  • An IT health & economic intelligence
  • The reliability of our products and services
  • Environmental Qualification and Compliance: MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, DO-160, GAM EG 13, BV marine, CE, FCC, UL…
  • Proven products lifecycle management (PLM)
  • Technical support and maintenance of your systems

… to exceed your requirements: optimum continuity of operation assurance, high return on Investment (ROI) guarantee


Faithful in business, we seal trust agreements with our customers and partners.

About “made by ECRIN Systems” commitment:

  • Responsibility, fairness and transparency towards our customers, partners and suppliers
  • Meeting prices and deadlines
  • Team spirit and good corporate communication
  • Environment friendly (REACH, RoHS, WEEE directives, green passport, asbestos, radioactive components…)

…to strenghten our relationship and confidence with both our customers and partners.

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