Customer satisfaction


The customer satisfaction at the heart of our quality system

The customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our quality system.
The company has implemented a customer oriented quality management system, but also strong involvement and motivation of the top management and a continuous improvement process.

Thus, ECRIN Systems has adopted specific tools to regularly measure the customer satisfaction level.

  • PCAS (Preventive and Corrective Action Sheet) filled by the customers and  with systematic information of the top management.
  • Biennial customer satisfaction survey of about 500 clients invited to answer an online questionnaire
  • Customer satisfaction feedback survey at the end of the project
  • Customer satisfaction feedback survey in closing of “case” customer support

92,5% of our customers are very satisfied ou satisfied with our products and services. Such is the conclusion of the last issue dated December 2016 of our biannual customer satisfaction survey.

Even if the customer satisfaction level is high, the synthesis of the results from all these different tools and their analysis help us to define our main improvement lines for each year.

Beginning in 2017, we’ll work on the following improvement areas:
• delays of our integrations and more synthetic customer information,
• analysis of root causes,
• a better assessment of skills in relation with the evolution of the company,
• inacurate actions during the drift of a measument device.

Our motivation and next challenge will be to touch in 2018 the level of 95%: a very exciting challenge for all of us, as employees of ECRIN Company.

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