VadaTech’s offerings for signal conversion

To complete ECRIN System Integrator offer in terms of RADAR, SONAR, SIGINT, EW applications with its new TOPAZE D platform based on 3U VPX, VADATECH proposes a strong and long term partnership portfolio of products in signal conversion and sensor processing.
Actually, VADATECH is porting its new development modules and success story functions from AMC to VPX 3U and PCI Express I/O cards. That represents probably the largest portfolio of FPGA sensor processing building blocks.

To help our customer to choose the right product for its application, the graphs below give a good overview of the sample rates achievable with the products available. These can be split into three categories:

High density. These are often double-module AMCs (e.g. MTCA.4) with high channel count, high resolution and sample rates up to 250MHz. They are typically used by our physics research customers but also have a place in high-end industrial applications. With prices in the region of $700 or less per channel (board-level product, list price) these are suitable for larger installations.

High speed. These can be AMC/VPX or FMC with lower channel count, mid- to high-resolution and sample rates up to 6 GSPS ADC or 12 GSPS DAC. This is where the majority of products fall, having applications across research, comms systems, radar and EW. Product selection depends on the required sample rate, bit count, phase alignment requirements and other system-level details that need to be considered. Many products combine ADC and DAC, while the use of FMC modules gives the system integrator a wide choice of FPGA price-performance points.

Highest speed. These will be single- or double-module AMCs with lower resolution and sample rates up to 56 GSPS. These are not currently available in FMC (insufficient board space) or VPX (no current demand). The high cost means this are only suitable for applications that truly require the high sample rate. Our customers use them for fibre optic research and various defence applications.









The range of hardware supported by the DAQ Series™ Software continues to grow, so check with your local sales office for any specific requirements.

More information on new VPX-599 – For SIGINT, Radar signal processing

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