Vadatech RF Sub-Systems

VadaTech continues to push the bandwidth, sample rate and capability of our RF modules. The AMC597, for example, uses quad AD9371 to provide eight wideband transceivers in a single-module AMC, while the VPX597 provides the same architecture in 3U OpenVPX form factor. The user can access the extensive capabilities of the AD9371 using Analog Devices RadioVerse™ design tools, while the Xilinx Kintex UltraScale™ FPGA comes with a reference design implementation including VHDL source code, documentation and configuration binaries (with royalty-free licence for use on VadaTech hardware).

To help build complete sub-systems, other units available include:
• analog filter with gain control – AMC902
• DAC with quadrature modulator – FMC229
• local oscillator (DDS or PLL) – FMC154

ADC rates up to 6.4 GSPS and DAC up to 12 GSPS are available in FMC, AMC and VPX form factors.

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