Sensor Based Processing

COTS system for your radar/sonar applications, KINTEX Ultrascale based and DSP oriented ELIN signal processing

Why pay more for a VPX-6U board based front-end radar or sonar while there is a dual architecture in the market, coming from the Telecoms Market, and more efficient, more flexible and 30% cheaper ?

VIRTEX and KINTEX high end FPGA of the american Xilinx, who is the only independant specialist in FPGA technology since Altera’s takeover by Intel, target two different markets : the first and the most important one is Telecom, and the second is the military sector  with its signal processing and software define radio applications asking for limited quantities. The telecom equipment manufacturers were the first to use them as they emerged in the 2000s, in huge quantity at the heart of the telephone network and IP. Massive investments were then made to control this very powerful but complex disruptive technology. For that, they worked with external companies with FPGA expertise in the embedded market. For example, Vadatech and one or two other american companies have acquired within 10 years, one of the most accomplished skills in this field. The Nevada-based company quickly made the choice of the aTCA architecture and its AMC mezzanine modules to support this new technology. AMC FPGAs have been very quickly integrated into the more embedded, more modular μTCA infrastructure to meet the needs of the telecom market but also with a view to other targets such as defense.

Up to now, Vadatech is the most advanced signal processing system manufacturer in the world of embedded systems. It offers Xilinx KINTEX, VIRTEX UltraScale and UltraScale + based FPGA solutions when traditional manufacturers of the embedded market are still announcing generation n-2 VIRTEX 7 modules. It has long paid back its financial investments with its telecom customers and acquired a unique expertise (Vadatech is in the Top 10 of Xilinx worldwide customers). It takes advantage of very attractive prices compared to its competitors who work with the military market such as Curtiss Wright or Pentek. Saeed Karamooz understood the benefits he could derive from this unique situation for his company.

Vadatech is looking now to enlarge its customer base, by working with the major accounts of the Defense industry. It has chosen the KINTEX UltraScale XCKU115 version with a large range of DSP functions as the key to open the market of radar/sonar, SIGINT/ELINT applications. It keeps the VIRTEX UltraScale versions, such as the XCVU440 for example, for high end telecom applications. (the component price can jump up to 38,000 USD the module, depending of the options). At the heart of FPGA architecture, Vadatech integrates the fastest ADC/DAC converters on the market with 12-bit to 16-bit dynamics and conversion rates of 4GSPS for A/D conversion and of 5.7GSPS for D/A of 14 -bit output for example. These ADC/DAC are either fixed directly on the same PCB when performance is required, or via VITA 54 FMC and soon FMC+ mezzanine modules when flexibility and modularity are prefered. For example, Vadatech offers a radar signal countermeasure solution with latency times around one nanosecond for returning a “suitable” signature signal to the sender.

Consult the press release dated 2016, 18th January, officially announcing the arrival of the FPGA technology specialist on the VPX market.

Racks :

• Datasheet VT899

• Datasheet VT878

• Dasheet VT951


FMC module with AMC FPGA carrier board

• Datasheet AMC592

• Datasheet AMC593


FMC module with PCIe FPGA carrier board 

• Datasheet PCI516


• Datasheet FMC218

• Datasheet FMC228

• Datasheet FMC225

• Datasheet FMC226

• Datasheet FMC214


AMC A/D and D/A


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