Design Department

With solid skills from our R&D department, combining the talent and expertise of experienced experts in their domain, ECRIN Systems is able to propose disruptive and risk-free solutions. The perfect control of our development process allows us to design both your specific systems (ODM: Original Designed Manufacturer) and our own COTS products.

Development oriented skills
• Electronic
• Mechanical
• Cabling
• Thermal
• Software development
• Environmental Qualification Tests
• Industrialization
• Project management and system documentation


• Electronic design and PCB-routing

Embedded electronics

  • Carrier boards for COM modules (COM Express, SMARC…)
  • Special backplane design (VPX, VME, µTCA, Compact PCI, PICMG 1.3…)
  • Monitoring hardware and software (HUMS), HMI functions
  • Digital electronics (fast link protocol and interface: 10 GigE, PCIe x16 …)
  • FPGA VHDL integration




Electronic CAD : CADSTAR

  • Multilayer PCB design (16 layers and over)
  • Routing taking care of signal integrity for high speed links
  • I/O filtering (EMI/RFI filtering, opto-coupled and galvanic isolation)
  • Power supply filtering, isolated or common grounds construction


• Mechanical engineering and cabling: Pro/engineer + Cabling


  • In pre-sales: approval of the dimensional aspect of the system, proposal of possible architectures, presentation of the prototype in 3D format
  • During the project: exchanges of 3D files with the customer to minimize misunderstandings
  • In after-sale: Modelling product change requests for validation


  • Fine sheet metal working: aluminium (alodination; anodisation), stainless steel (F17, 304L, 316L…), painting
  • Machining: aluminium for conduction chassis (machined and extruded), plastic industrial design
  • Thermal simulation in conduction and forced convection: CF Design
  • MIL-DTL-38999 and RJ-Field circular military connectors





• Software development

Agile method for higher reactivity and best customer focus


Relies on a common structure (development cycle)
SCRUM method – Agile method for project management: iterative, incremental and adaptable

  • Low level drivers and libraries for specific I/O controllers and peripherals
  • Board Support Package: Embedded Linux, Windows, VxWorks on OPEN standard platforms  VME/VPX, cPCI, µTCA, Com-Modules &industrial ATX motherboards
  • Preferred Partner with Intel/WRS for VxWorks, Thales/Sysgo for ElinOS and PikeOS hypervisor for DO-178 systems
  • Languages: C /C++, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, micro-Controller assembly…
  • Test bench systems tools and Proof of Concept development
  • Center of excellence: Embedded Linux, WES7




• Environmental Qualification Tests expertise

  • We take care of all your system qualifications (qualification tests plan, test tools, tests, certifications)
  • Temp, thermal shocks, relative humidity, salt and dust, mechanicals (S & V), EMI/RFI…
  • ECRIN Systems has an in house heating chamber for design validation and production stress control
  • We have vast experience in DO-160, MIL-STD-810/461/704/1275, GAM EG13, STANAG 4437…
  • Bureau Veritas certification, ETSI (Telco), EN50155 (Railway)
  • CE (safety and CEM), CB, FCC, UL



• Industrialization

  • The capacity to transform an idea from R&D engineers to prototype and finally an industrial product in mass production, with same repeated ISO-configuration and all associated documents (system documentations, CoC, certificates: REACH, RoHS, CECC… software package, cables),
  • Manufacturing documents
  • Manufacturing at economical cost with second source strategy for supply chain control
  • Documentation and qualification for subcontractors
  • Quality control document and processes
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