VPX application ready data processing system for RADAR, SONAR, SIGINT, EW, persistent ISR
Based on Xeon D, FPGA and GPGPU.

TOPAZE D : HPEC multi-slot system

TOPAZE D is a rugged 3U VPX 7-payload slots chassis dedicated to high speed signal processing and computing applications. Its I/O flexibility is capable of meeting a large number of configurations where multi CPU-slots fulfilled with multi-Core server-class SoC, FPGA and GPGPU heterogeneous system architecture is mandatory.
It has been imagined by our R&D with the support of our key customers to satisfy RADAR/SONAR, SIGINT, EW applications requiring rock-solid reliability.

TOPAZE D-ATR is the 1/2 ATR short frame version with 6 payload slots.

Small Form Factor version



Front view                                                                  Rear view


Discover our last success story using Xeon-D and VPX-3U system


Why ECRIN Systems has chosen Xeon D?
A real « disruption » for Defense and Aerospace.

If you are developing HPEC -High-Performance Embedded Computing- solutions for Defense & aerospace applications such as RADAR, SONAR, SIGINT or Electronic Warfare (EW), the Xeon-D processor is really for you. Xeon-D is the rugged version of INTEL XEON server architecture that is used in enterprise server applications and Big Data centers.

With the arrival of the Xeon D, a server architecture equipped with 8, 12 or 16 cores, each core integrates its 256 bits wide AVX2 vector engine. In 2017, the equivalent processing power of 14x Quad PowerPC AV4’s 6U boards is available on a single VPX-3U board. Enough to fill your SWaP constraints.

In 2016, concerning the geometrical 14 nm reduction of Broadwell, Intel decided to remove the embedded GPU until then on the various Core i7. The recovered surface allowed Intel not only to stick up to 16 cores x86, but also to include on the same chip, the South Bridge chipset (PCH) to make the System-on-Chip (SoC) Xeon D.

To continue the change and definitively target the aeronautical and defense market, Intel qualify Xeon D versions in extended temperature range between -40 ° C and + 85 ° C. As a reminder, the operating life of a CPU in aeronautics must be longer than 10 years. So, it is a key point for this market.

The SKU Xeon D-1539 (with 1.6GHz 8C/16T) seems to be the best compromise for Aero / Defense applications with a 35 W TDP and 12MB L2 cache in extended temperature range. The cache coherence on the different Xeon-D chip Cores allows to exchange data via simple pointers instead of complex synchronization techniques.

Xeon D has 24-PCI Express Gen3 links and two native 10 GigE ports for external communications. In the event of great consumption constraints in a mobile application, Xeon D is able to control individually frequency of each Core to offer high flexibility to the programmer. Moreover, the C/C++ language shared by all programmers under Linux, Windows or other RTOS DO-178B (PikeOS, VxWorks, Integrity …).

For HPEC applications mixing heterogeneous architectures with Server Class Xeon-D SoC, linked to GPU (Pascal NVIDIA or AMD E88xx Series) and FPGA (Xilinx Ultrascale + or Intel Stratix 10), TOPAZE D and its variant 1/2 ATR will be the perfect processing machine for RADAR, SONAR, EW and SIGINT applications.

Its system slot is composed by up to four single board computer featuring an Intel server-class Xeon D 4/8-core System-on-Chip. Two expansion slots can be used for high end FPGA, GPGPU 3U Open VPX-compliant or XMC cards and communicate with its host via 8 lanes PCI Express Gen3. A managed Layer 2/3 10-Gigabit Ethernet switch with up to 22 ports will offer the flexibility for inter-slot communication and 3 Optics or Copper external 10 GigE.

7-payload slots (6 for TOPAZE D-ATR), 3U VPX rugged forced air cooled solution, open architecture design, featuring:

  • Up to 4x Xeon-D Processor Nodes
  • 1x GPGPU Node based on P5000 NVIDIA
  • 1x Carrier board supporting XMC/PMC modules for I/O expansion and FPGA sensor processing
  • 1x 10GB Switch
  • 1x AC/DC or DC/DC VITA 62 Power Supply
  • 1x removable 2.5’’ SSD with optional Secure Erase (only on the TOPAZE D)
  • Front panel with customizable military connectors depending of the system configuration
  • LSP Linux 64-bit distributions (SDK, others…). VxWorks et Windows : on demand
  • MIL-STD-810 and RTCA-DO160 compliant
  • Customization service according to customer specifications
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