Smart and reliable industrial PC family to reduce downtime in industrial & harsh environments

Easy modified COTS services to satisfy any Customer and OEM requirements

Main customer key benefits using OPALE V2 series:
– PICMG 1.3, HDEC or ATX/MB architecture
– Engineered for reliability and continuous operation
– Efficient thermal concept to get higher MTBF
– Proven for shock & vibration constraints
– COTS with build-to-order flexibility
– Easy maintainability
– Long life management
– Modified COTS and ODM services

All COTS and qualified OPALE V2 models are very modular and flexible. They can be easily configured, modifed and customized according to your unique and specific requirements for different industrial environments.

Our large experience acquired since 1976 at ECRIN Systems, alllows us to develop any type of Professional Computer. In 2018, 75% of our business was driven by project to develop Computer-on-Demand. We re-use our proven COTS System building blocks and IPs to reduce your time to market, manage the risk during development phase and reduce non-recurrent cost. Each project follows our ISO-9001 quality process to deliver your SWaP-C product with high quality, at cost, in time. Dedicated Project Manager with Project Quality Engineer will assist you all along the program.

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ECRIN Systems is able to offer different services around OPALE-V2 platform, including:
– Tailored configuration: processor, memory, storage, I/O board, software set up
– Customisation : simple Lexan or new design of front panel
– Rear connectors fitting your activity
– Software customisation around the monitoring function

Data acquisition collector, Internet Appliances, Test benches, Info-com, ruggedized IT server, Image processing, Deep learning, Ground Control Station…


• 4U 19″ rack, 451 mm depth
• 14x full-length boards with PICMG 1.3 passive backplane configuration
• 7x full-length boards with ATX/Extended ATX motherboard configuration
• PS2 or redundant Power supply, 2x 5.25’’ drive bays
• Mini HMI

OPALE V2: PICMG 1.3 solution, SHB mono processor board; ideal for test benches, video walls and special machines
OPALE V2-ATX: ATX Industrial motherboard solution, single processor; low cost
OPALE V2-HPEC: PICMG 1.3 solution, Dual Xeon SHB server board: dedicated to intensive computing, GPGPU farms, PCI Express Gen 3
OPALE V2 Server: Dual Xeon E-ATX Server Industrial Motherboard; when the server has to be smaller with low depth, 5 years long life
OPALE V2-HDEC: High Density Embedded Computer. 80 PCI Express Gen3 direct lanes. 28-Core Xeon E5-2600, 512GB ECC-DDR4. Machine Learning, GPGPU


• 2U 19″ rack, 492 mm depth
• 6x full-length boards with PICMG 1.3 passive backplane configuration
• 7x low profile PCIe I/O cards with ATX configuration
• 2U PS2 or redundant Power supply, 1x 5″1/4 + 1x 3″1/2 drive bays
• Mini HMI

OPALE V2 Compact: PICMG 1.3 solution, SHB single processor board
OPALE V2-ATX Compact: ATX Industrial motherboard, single processor
OPALE V2-MIL Compact: MIL-STD qualified stainless steel short-server ready for harsh environments


• 19’’ 1U rackmount, depth 450 mm
• 2 PCI Express sites
• 1U P/S, 2x 3″1/2 drive bay (3x 3″1/2 in option)
• Mini HMI

µOPALE V2-D: Xeon-D server motherboard solution
µOPALE V2-SL: : Core i7 Gen6 (Skylake) industrial motherboard solution

PICMG 1.3 solution
– Choice of different SHB processor boards
– Backplane bus with different PCI express Gen 2 and/or Gen 3 architectures and various 16X, 8X, 4X, 1X bus bandwidths

ATX solution
– Alternative motherboard selection, if MOQ

Power supply
– a large range of industrial power supplies (standard, efficient power, AC/DC or DC/DC, single or redundant)

Drive bay
– SSD with MLC or SLC technology instead of magneto-optical disks
– Up to 5 RAID disks

I/O board
– a large range of PCI Express boards
– a large range of PCI boards

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