Smart and reliable industrial PC family to reduce downtime in industrial & harsh environments

Easy modified COTS services to satisfy any Customer and OEM requirements

– 10 years Long life Industrial ATX MB or SHB Express with PICMG 1.3 passive backplane
– Engineered for reliability and continuous operation
– Efficient thermal concept to get higher MTBCF
– Proven for shock & vibration constraints
– COTS System configurator with build-to-order flexibility
– Easy maintainability
– Long life management with Revision Control and Health Checking services
– Assigned Project Manager & Project Quality Engineer for ODM Programs

The OPALE-V2 front panel is equipped with a mini-HMI for easy access to systems information (temperature, fans speed, voltage, IP address, CPU/memory/disk use, life counter…) and with four three-state colour LED indicator for synthetic monitoring information.

The Linux and Windows compatible monitoring software written by ECRIN Systems manages a log file and is able to launch user scripts, default warnings (fans, temperatures, redundant power supply, GPIO…).

ECRIN Systems is able to offer different services around OPALE-V2 platform, including:
– Tailored configuration: processor, memory, storage, I/O board, software set up
– Customisation : simple Lexan or new design of front panel
– Rear connectors fitting your activity
– Software customisation around the monitoring function

Data acquisition collector, Internet Appliances, Test benches, Info-com, ruggedized IT server, Image processing, Deep learning, Ground Control Station…


• 4U 19″ rack, 451 mm depth
• 14x full-length boards with PICMG 1.3 passive backplane configuration
• 7x full-length boards with ATX/Extended ATX motherboard configuration
• PS2 or redundant Power supply, 2x 5.25’’ drive bays
• Mini HMI

OPALE V2: PICMG 1.3 solution, SHB mono processor board; ideal for test benches, video walls and special machines
OPALE V2-ATX: ATX Industrial motherboard solution, single processor; low cost
OPALE V2-HPEC: PICMG 1.3 solution, Dual Xeon SHB server board: dedicated to intensive computing, GPGPU farms, PCI Express Gen 3
OPALE V2 Server: Dual Xeon E-ATX Server Industrial Motherboard; when the server has to be smaller with low depth, 5 years long life
OPALE V2-HDEC: High Density Embedded Computer. 80 PCI Express Gen3 direct lanes. 28-Core Xeon E5-2600, 512GB ECC-DDR4. Machine Learning, GPGPU


• 2U 19″ rack, 492 mm depth
• 6x full-length boards with PICMG 1.3 passive backplane configuration
• 7x low profile PCIe I/O cards with ATX configuration
• 2U PS2 or redundant Power supply, 1x 5″1/4 + 1x 3″1/2 drive bays
• Mini HMI

OPALE V2 Compact: PICMG 1.3 solution, SHB single processor board
OPALE V2-ATX Compact: ATX Industrial motherboard, single processor
OPALE V2-MIL Compact: MIL-STD qualified stainless steel short-server ready for harsh environments


• 19’’ 1U rackmount, depth 450 mm
• 2 PCI Express sites
• 1U P/S, 2x 3″1/2 drive bay (3x 3″1/2 in option)
• Mini HMI

µOPALE V2-D: Xeon-D server motherboard solution
µOPALE V2-SL: : Core i7 Gen6 (Skylake) industrial motherboard solution

PICMG 1.3 solution
– Choice of different SHB processor boards
– Backplane bus with different PCI express Gen 2 and/or Gen 3 architectures and various 16X, 8X, 4X, 1X bus bandwidths

ATX solution
– Alternative motherboard selection, if MOQ

Power supply
– a large range of industrial power supplies (standard, efficient power, AC/DC or DC/DC, single or redundant)

Drive bay
– SSD with MLC or SLC technology instead of magneto-optical disks
– Up to 5 RAID disks

I/O board
– a large range of PCI Express boards
– a large range of PCI boards

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