ONYX : SWaP-C multi-mission rugged computer for harsh environments

µONYX: The design advantages of rugged SFF mission computers

With its fantastic SWaP-C features: 3 liters, 3 kilos, 30 Watts based on the Core i7 Skylake SoC, it offers higher availability, distributing high-performance computing and avoid single point of failure and thermal hot spots in extreme environments. COM Express based with PMC and miniPCIe sites, µONYX offers 2 removable 2.5’’ SSD and full speed USB 3.0 for quick down/up data loading.

Last but not least: with µONYX, we continue to offer configurable front panel for different I/O profiles.

ONYX-HD: High Performance Embedded Computing Platform for Video Imaging and Situation Awareness

Ecrin Systems ONYX

Rugged Computers can be found in ground vehicles, UAVs, manned & unmanned fighting aircrafts, navy robots and … In order to answer harsh environmental constraints, they need to be compact, light and powerful, and use less energy (SWaP-C). Alongside this they also need to be safe and reliable, and offer the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)…

That’s why ONYX-HD is unique: instead of the traditional, expensive multi-slot VPX architecture, ONYX is built around a scalable and rugged multi-Core COM Express module operating between -40°C/+71°C.  There is no XMC I/O module limited to PCIe 8Xlinks, but a full GPGPU dedicated MXC mezzanine with PCIe 16X Gen 2 links offering up to 8 GB/s bandwidth, a large choice of Digital and Analogic I/O video formats, from legacy STANAG up to new generation HD-SDI and 3G-SDI. The added H.264 compression via Quick Sync from Core i7 means ONYX-HD is perfectly designed for UAVs or helicopter HD Video situation awareness missions.

ONYX-Datalink: The ideal rugged processor platform for your next Tactical Multi Data Link System

This profile offers more PMC/XMC and mini-PCIe slots to add much more avionic and/or industrial I/O, including link-11 (NTDS & ATDS), link-16 (1553B & Ethernet) and link-22 (Ethernet TCP/IP).

ONYX-ET: Embedded Training Engine

Dedicated ONYX to Embedded Training for Ground Vehicles environment.

  • Multi-Core INTEL i7 3rd, 4th and 6th Gen, scalability
  • AMD E8860 GPGPU option: up to 768 GFLOPS intensive computing for 80W only
  • 2x HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M) Digital Video inputs
  • 2x PAL/NTSC Analog Video input
  • 3x independent DVI-D or 1x DVI-D + 2x HD-SDI (1920 x 1080p at 30fps) outputs
  • STANAG 3350, RS343, VGA and other legacy display formats on demand
  • H.264/AVC Encoding and streaming capability
  • PMC/XMC and miniPCIe slots for avionics and industrial I/O extensions
  • Embedded EGNOS-capable GPS option
  • Up to 4TB 2.5’’ SSD
  • Cable-free, Fan less, MIL-DTL-38999 connectors
  • Real cold start -40°C up to +71°C Operating Temp (depend on configuration and cooling system)
  • Qualified MIL-STD-810/461/704/1275D/DO-160
  • IP-67 Ingress
  • Long Life Management with revision control
  • High flexibility to Modified COTS services
  • ITAR free

SEMA• Built-In-Test functions based on SEMA « Smart Embedded Management Agent » library
Tests tool to monitor and control system health:
– On cold start at power on
– On continuous mode under user’s application control
– On Maintenance Level 2 with intrusive tests to detect root failure
– On acceptance test procedure and EQT


Breakout-cables• Breakout cables
Harnessing of 5 cables for development purpose: MIL-DTL-38999 connectors to standard PC connectors.



Coldplate• Cold plate
For laboratory integration to dissipate Watts w/o other fans installation, provided with 24VDC/220VAC power adaptor

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