Remote Embedded Modular Computers

myOPALE concept multiplies capabilities for your next computer in a smaller footprint

For three decades, Industrial PC’s use two key types of architecture inside: ATX/mini-ITX motherboard or PICMG® passive backplane.
In both cases, the SBC and its I/O cards staid physically linked through Peripheral Component Interconnect PCB – PCI Express promoted by PCI-SIG®.

Imagine now :
• 5 full height I/O cards in a 1U/19” chassis
• full-redundant system in a 1U/19” chassis
• 6 industrial PC with 2x I/O extension slots each, in a 4U/19” rack
… and many other use cases which you never dared to dream with legacy industrial PC

myOPALE does it thanks its PCI Express over Cable interconnect and standard 5.25’’ building blocks with mini-SAS HD connectors.

Your main advantages:

• High Flexibility
• Compute density
• Time to market
• Reliability
• Lonf life management
• High performance/watt
• Security and management

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Full computer in a 5.25” module
• COM Express type 6
• Intel® Core™ – Xeon®
• 32 Go DDR4 ECC
• Legacy I/O: 2x DP, 1x GbE, 4xUSB 3.0
• Internal SATA SSD
• Expansion I/O:
– 24x PCIe Gen3 links
– Up to 5 expansions (PCIe or NVMe)
– Mini-SAS HD connectors







PCIe I/O slots in a 5.25’’ module
• 2x PCIe x4
• 1x PCIe x8
• Temperature and fans monitoring from myOPALE-CPU



• PCIe x4
• 7x over SATA SSD throughput
• Mini-SAS HD / U.2 cable

Based on myOPALE Building Blocks, ECRIN Systems will provide your complete integrated computer with Environmental Qualification Tests passed and mandatory Certification stickers for domestic and export countries.

With 70% of our business driven by project to develop Computer-on-Demand, we re-use our proven COTS System building blocks and IPs to reduce your time to market, manage the risk during development phase and reduce your non-recurrent cost. Dedicated Project Manager with Project Quality Engineer will assist you all along the program. With myOPALE new infrastructure, we are able to develop and build SWaP high density systems that was not doable until now in such Small Form Factor.

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