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It is no longer in the air to build its own computers with odds and ends. Now, you must be more competitive and focus on your core business, il faut être compétitif plus que jamais et se concentrer sur son cœur de métier, leaving the production of industrial platforms to specialists such as ECRIN Systems. Thanks to our rich experience and wide products range, our architects and sales engineers will advise you the best architecture. Together, we’ll define the best system configuration and ECRIN Systems will build your « Ready to Application » platform.

VPX / Open VPX: development tools and racks


The « starter kit » development systems, for 6U VPX or 3U VPX modules with partially wired bus via RTM, allow the integrator to validate different interconnection architectures during the development phase. The chosen optimum version will then be routed to the VPX backplane of the final application to be deployed. An innovative concept that makes it possible to de-risk the production of specific VPX backplanes. ECRIN Systems is able to support the design and realization of your VPX backplane.

Other 3U or 6U VPX racks suitable for centralized or distributed architectures are available. Our system architects will define with you the modules to be integrated to meet your specific need.


COTS rugged systems


In order to minimize the risks linked to the building of a new mission computer and to reduce the Time to Market, and therefore the cost of the programs, an increasing number of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) rugged systems or platforms have appeared in recent years. That is why ECRIN Systems has developped ONYX, a range of MIL-STD-810, DO-160 qualified, rugged, modular and scalable SWaP-C (Size, Weight and Power & Cost) multi-mission computers, ready to use for very different missions in any ground, air, sea environment.


Switches & routers


IP everywhere” in the company but also in the theater of operations for network war. Faultless communication is the primary cause of good real-time decisions. Computers, software radios, smart sensors all use the IP network to exchange data, video and audio streams in confined environment (such as an AICV for example) or in the Cloud. GbE and 10 GbE switches GbE and rugged routers are therefore increasingly present in order to ensure this mission of exchange of information and cyber security.


Rugged & semi-rugged tablets & handheld computers

Mobility is at the heart of defense, police, public safety applications and of maintenance, transport and logistics services. For each application, the rugged level and the cost, footprint and weight requirements will be different. ECRIN Systems is always looking for new mobility products to meet your needs.

Fanless embedded PC


The MATRIX range is compact, fanless, zero internal wiring. It is rugged designed in industrial temperature between -20 ° C / + 70 ° C and in robustness by HALT tests which will be verified in production and, on request, by burn-in sessions. MATRIX has 3 main versions: MXC with PCIe/PCI, MXE extension slots, MXE in compact version dedicated by application type and TOPAZ which is a MXE version for medical applications.


19″ rackmount industrial PC


It is the original industrial PC. With its 4U format and its PICMG 1.3 passive backplane, it offers a large number of PCIe/PCI extension slots for I/O boards: ideal for test bench. In addition to traditional configurations, ECRIN Systems offers a 4U/2U/1U SMART OPALE V2 version with many PLUS thanks to its long experience in the embedded market. ATX industrial motherbords based versions (desktop & server) are also available.
Do not hesitate to contact us in order to imagine together the best configuration to meet your need.


19″ rackmount industrial server


ECRIN Systems offers low depth 2U and 4U industrial servers equipped with mono or dual Intel Xeon CPUs. With high processing power, 128GB DDR3-1600 REG/ECC, IPMI management, redundant AC or DC power supply, Hardware & Software RAID, they target critical applications  in search of durability (up to 7 years), high bandwith for data exchange via 10 Gb Ethernet network and other I/O types: GPGPU processing accelerator, content capture, packet inspection, IPTV, Video on Demand, screen walls, IP gateway.


µTCA: compact and flexible communication servers


This is a PICMG standard for very modular AMC (Advanced Mezzanine Cards) boards based systems. It allows to realize high density communication servers with very high bandwidth (40Gb Ethernet, PCI Express Gen3 …) and large processing capacities.

It provides the user with very high availability, thanks to its redundant power supplies, ventilation units and its MCH controller board which manages all the system resources  and the Ethernet, PCI Express, Serial Rapide IO, Infiniband switching grids agnostically on the μTCA backplane. All these on-demand options allow this system architecture to meet many needs in various business fields such as Mil / Aero, network communications, medical and telephony.


µTCA.4 for Physics


The MicroTCA technology allows to ad transition modules on the racks rear panel for various signals, precision clocks and synchronization lines conditioning for very fast acquisition. Its version « for Physics » perfectly suits the nuclear physics research world and meets its high-speed burst data acquisition needs.


Advanced TCA: for telecoms and Cloud computing


Influenced by Tier 1 telecom equipment manufacturers, the aTCA format offers high availability capabilities with blade hot swapping, remote monitoring and administration and a wide range of protocols (10GbE, 40GbE, PCIe, SRIO, Fiber Channel). It is not surprising that it has established itself as the open standard for carrier-grade applications at the heart of the Telecom and Communications network, which require more and more bandwidth to carry large amounts of video data in the Cloud. The military begin to be interested in the aTCA to manage the information stream in the theater of operations.

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