HMI & displays

A full range of devices.

Industrial computing also needs Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) to communicate with the system.
ECRIN Systems offers a full range of devices enabling you to deal with only one supplier for the entire system configuration.
Here are some products. Don’t hesitate to contact our sales team for your specific need.

Rugged monitor


For harsh environments and embedded applications, monitors also have to meet severe environmental conditions: temperatures, shock & vibration, power & EMC, hygrometry, salt spray…

We offers proven, robust and durable solutions, available in many formats, with or without touchscreen.

Panel PC and Smart panel


In short, the Panel PC is an industrial PC function at the back of a flat panel display often equipped with a touchscreen.
It is often found on production lines for supervision, but also in medical and embedded applications with high environmental constraints.
Unlike the Panel PC, the Smart Panel is a very compact OEM product to be integrated in your equipment.

Industrial monitor


The industrial monitor differs from its office equivalent, because of its mechanical format, its environmental performance and its durability. It can be equipped with a touchscreen, be IP65 compliant, designed for a 19″ rack or panel mount. There are many display sizes.

KVM drawer: a HMI in a small footprint


When space is a key factor, when the bay is full of industrial PC and communication servers, it is often useful to have a keyboard screen locally for machines configuration and maintenance.
Our KVM solutions have an optional multiplexer to control several computers.
Each drawer, once closed, takes only 1U height in the bay. There are several display sizes depending on the application and the desired comfort. These 15’’, 17’’ and 19’’ displays are easily retractable thanks to the standard supply of telescopic ball bearing slides.

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