Computer on Modules

“Time to Market & “Long Life Management”

The COM (Computer On Module) module provides CPU performance and industrial PC standard functions in the form of a mezannine board, when the specific electronic functions of the final product are integrated on the carrier board, also called “business” board. This dichotomy allows high flexibility for the user for the choice of the processor, of the module itself and therefore of the supplier.
This semi-custom solution is perfect for embedded applications when the quantity varies between 100 and 1 000 units a year. It offers to the OEM the best « Time to Market » of the Embedded market and a durability that meets the requirements of military, medical and transport applications…
ECRIN Systems and its R & D department will be able to design your business board and the complete system according to your specifications.

COM Express

Currently, with its 3 formats, Basic (125x 95mm), Compact (95x 95mm) and Mini (84x 55mm), this COM Module is chosen by more than 80% of the designs in the industry. COM Express is standardized since 2010 within the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG) under the COMe 2.0 revision. The standard defines the dimensions, the I/O types and the thermal interfacing for cooling the modules. ECRIN Systems recommends you to use two pin-out types : Type 6 for Basic and Compact and Type 10 for Mini. Each new ADLINK module is now supplied with a Board Management Controller (BMC) device which allows you to manage and control the main module information via the integrated SEMA agent (power supply, real-time consumption, temperature…) from the customer application. Some modules are designed for –40°C/+85°C temperature range in order to meet military programs requirements.
At the end of 2016, the 3.0 revision has added the Type 7, with 4 10GbE ports and 32 PCIe links, to fit in with the Broadwell DE (Xeon-D) server architecture with up to 16 cores in -40°C/+85°C range.



This new « Smart Mobility ARChitecture » COM format, introduced by the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies (SGeT) founded in 2012, aims at low power applications between 2 and 6 Watts, at low cost (mobility, POS, Digital Signage). The modules are mostly based on SoC ARM, those found in tablets and smartphones. There are also SoC ATOM of Intel E3800/E3900 serie. The SoC further reduce the modules size (82x 50mm and 82x 80mm). It is a good alternative to the Q7 format with a wider ecosystem which also supports -55°C/+85°C extreme temperature range.




This is the father of COM modules. It is no longer recommended for new designs but manufacturers are continuing to introduce the new INTEL processors, in order to allow industrials to sustain and upgrade their machines for a few more years. 

ECRIN COM Design Center


If you do not have the internal resources to develop the business board and the system, ECRIN Systems offers the expertise of its design department engineers to provide you the complete solution.
It will take 14 to 16 semaines, from the concept evaluation, through the specification and realisation stages, up to the supply of 2 prototypes,
ECRIN systems will deal with the production and the PLM (Product Life Management).
The carrier board design for a COM module is less expensive than a CPU board custom from a blank page. If you need to produce at least 5 000 units a year to recover a complete custom, the investment is economically interesting from 100 units a year for a COM carrier board.

Customer application example


Development tools & BMC


ADLINK offers some tools to start your applications development faster :
– Development kits for each COM modules format, with a carrier board,  documentations, software environments (drivers/BSP/librairies), design examples, standard templates.
– SEMA, « Smart Embedded Management Agent », an agent integrated in a microcontroller embedded in each COM module, which allows to manage power supplies, consumption, temperatures, and to store failure logs and the history of situation (HUMS)
– BIT : for military applications, ECRIN Systems offers in its ONYX range a Built In Test tool based on SEMA agent to monitor the system electronics during power-up, operation and maintenance mode.


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