ONYX-Datalink: design your next Ethernet embedded communication server


The ideal platform to design your next Ethernet embedded communication server.

Through secure networking of sensors, platforms and systems, operational command centers must be able to coordinate and maximize information as close to the battlefield as possible. That is why the information flowing on the various embedded avionic buses must be concentrated and pre-processed before being transmitted to the ground by secured links such as Link-11 (NTDS & ATDS), Link-16 (1553B & Ethernet) or Link-22 (Ethernet TCP / IP). This is the role of the new ONYX-Datalink platform. It is ready to receive application software layers to perform the full Datalink function.

ONYX-Datalink can be embedded in helicopters, aircrafts with or without pilot, tactical drones or MALE, surface ships or submarines.

> Supports Multi-Core INTEL i7 Haswell & Skylake,

> COM Express architecture evolution

> 2x XMC/PMC for ATDS/NTDS, MIL-STD-1553B, ARINC-429 avionics buses

> 2x mini PCI Express sites for flexible Industrial I/O and Wireless

> 3x Gigabit Ethernet

> 4x Isolated RS-422/RS-232

> 1x USB 3.0 full spec

> -40°C to +71°C Operating

> Qualified DO-160F/MIL-STD-810G/461F/1275D/704

> SSI trusted boot

> Power-on BIT and SEMA monitoring

> ITAR free without Export Control


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