Modular Blade Designed for Compute Density

Trenton’s Modular Blade Systems (MBS) are ideal for size-constrained, high-end compute applications. Extremely rugged, yet lightweight, the MBS product line can be configured to meet your unique system requirements.

Here are a few of chassis options:

  • MBS1001 – 1U, 483mm depth, 2 separate processor boards (Xeon or Core)
  • MBS1002 – 1U, 483mm depth, 1 processor blade and 2 PCIe gen 3 slots
  • MBS2000 – 2U, 483mm depth, up to 4 separate processor blades
  • MBS2001 – 2U, 655mm depth, up to 4 processor blades and 8x 2.5″ HDD

Customer key benefits:

  • Compute density: Unrivaled in the industry – the size, weight, and processing power are truly unique;
  • MTTR: Whether repairing or upgrading, the Modular Blade product line has the fastest Mean Time to Repair;
  • Blades are independent and hot-swappable!
  • Reduce rack height: Up to 4 dual Xeon processor boards in a 2U, 19″ depth chassis;
  • Processor blades: Xeon or Core processor options on each blade with up to 1TB of DDR4-2666 ECC memory per blade;
  • PCIE GEN 3: Full-length, full-height PCI Express gen 3 options;
  • 1200W P/S: Redundant or fixed 1200W power supply;

  • With the new Intel® Xeon® Gold 6138 Processor ((Skylake-SP), up to 160-Core / 320 Threads in 2U/19’’/483mm depth small footprint;
  • 5 years warranty;
  • 7+ years lifecycle;
  • 15-year availability to meet your long-life embedded computing challenges.
  • No front access drives for application security and sensitive data.

Multi-function Radar back-end, SIGINT, Simulation, deep learning, Artificial Intelligence thanks solid aluminum rackmount to withstand harsh environments like Navy or ground mobile base control stations

Datasheet MSB Modular Computer Products in 1U/19”
Datasheet MSB Modular Computer Products in 2U/19”
Datasheet Blade Dual-Xeon Scalable
Datasheet Blade Core i7 / Xeon E3

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