Specialized industrial PC for toll application


The temperature variations in the road toll booths between Dijon and Marseille range between + 45 ° C and -15 ° C. At the same time, the footprint remains very constrained and maintenance must be done urgently not to slow traffic. Our client was looking for a long-lasting industrial partner to produce a custom-made computer that meets these specifications.



ECRIN Systems's solution

Installed outside in toll booths, this specific development has met several needs: reduced footprint, numerous functionalities, fast and easy maintenance (large systems park), respect of environmental constraints.

  • Mechanical development (folded stainless steel sheet specific rack)
  • Electronics development (connection transfer and remote reset
  • Software development (system supervision)
  • optimum MTTR (easy access to the battery without opening the computer…)
  • Project management
  • CE certification and environmental qualification (temperature / Hygrometry),
  • Production of series



  • Stainless steel specific rack  – Dimension 295x220x130mm
  • PISA passive bus then PICMG 1.3 for the system 2nd generation with short format board,
  • Mobile processor (Core 2 Duo, then Core i7), 4GB Ram, Dual Screen Video , GbE, 4xCOM,
  • RAID SATA (2xHDD in RAID 1), hot-swappable discs,
  • Windows XPE platform + system supervision software,
  • 24×7 operation in external cabin.


  • Integrated remote reset module for restarting the PC via Ethernet
  • Maintenance aid: RTC CMOS battery offset, captive knurled screw, externally accessible fan, extractable discs
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