COTS boards based cPCI/4U computer


Develop a system to control the amplifiers of signals carried on optical fibers in submarine cables installed at the bottom of the oceans.


ECRIN Systems's solution

This specific 4U compactPCI monolithic bus, developped by ECRIN Systems, integrates, on the top, a fully customised 1U connection terminal.

In addition to COTS cards, the system includes a Level 3 managed industrial Switch.

This computer has successfully passed all the telecoms environmental qualifications: dry heat, humid heat, shocks & vibrations, earthquakes …




  • 1st Gen Core i7 CPU board
  • Redundant 2x 250W power supply
  • Industrial I/O boards (RS-232/422/485, DIO, opto…)
  • Removable customised SSD storage boards


  • A 8-slot cPCI / 4U monolithic bus integrating a connection terminal board on the upper 1U above the boards to reduce the depth of the wall chassis to only 240mm
  • Integration of a Level 3 managed industrial switch
  • NEBS Level 3 qualifications for shocks, vibrations, earthquakes
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