Diabetes analyzer


Make up for the end of life of a COTS EBX board integrated in a medical device by changing as few things as possible and especially not the mold, therefore the external connection.




ECRIN Systems's solution

ECRIN Systems has convinced its future customer by offering a “Form Fit and Function” solution based on ETX processor modules. We have developed a business board with the same size and location of the external connectors, whithout changing any part of rest of the system, even the STN B&W display.




  • Same size of the business board than the EBX in EOL version
  • 100% same connectors at the same place
  • FPGA emulation of old obsolete graphics controller to keep the same TNT STN display black and white


  • 3 years later, the ETX concept allowed to replace the obsolescent ETX celeron module  by a more recent and powerful COTS ETX module
  • 10 years latr, the analyzer device is always manufactured without having to remake an injection mold
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