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Even if the heavy industry sector – steel, coal, mines, mills..- is decreasing in France and in Europe, some other parts of the French industry are in constant evolution. These fields have been able to adapt to new technologies and care about environment and security to meet customers’ needs. As for example : renewable energy, environment, food and beverage, agriculture, special machines, medical devices, recreation and entertainment systems…


Thanks to its more than 40 years expertise, ECRIN Systems is able to design, industrialize, produce and look for innovative solutions to improve the cost of ownership of products for industrial equipments. ECRIN Systems supports you all along the lifetime of your product, from its definition taking into account innovative and durable technologies, to its maturity stage assisting you to jump at the technological and functional evolutions in order to bring a second “breath” to your product.

ECRIN Systems always offers original solutions combining design, engineering, microelectronics and industrial computing. Thanks to our distribution business in the Embedded market, our systems architects bring the necessary “amount” of COTS products to an optimized architecture in terms of cost and durability.

ECRIN Systems assists you on all or part of the project in compliance with its Quality Management Plan.

To successfully outsource your product, select the right partner able to offer you the following services:

Preliminary draft
– Support for the expression of needs formalization and external specifications development
– Functional approach and search how to best match technology and acquisition cost
– Financial and budgetary analysis (several scenarii)
– Internal specifications development

– Design of the optimum solution taking into account reliability, durability, costs and planning
– Hardware simulation and softwares development
– Approval and protypes testing (CE and environmental approvals)

– Optimization, production files
– Integration in our Computer Assisted Production Management system
– Pre-serie for industrial process methods approval

– Purchasing and supply
– Sub-contracting management
– ESD Protected Area Integration
– ISO compliant test and traceability

– Source of proposals to ensure the product durability thanks to technological watch about obsolescence
– Supply chain and services contracts management (maintenance and warranty)

With its solid experience, ECRIN Systems has built over the last 20 years a multi-faceted competences pool, an innovative and aware of environemental constraints design department and an efficient production tool. It also has adopted the methodology and management required to be a real partner in consulting, design and production of industrial products and equipments.

For each contract, ECRIN Systems has to assume responsabilities:

  • Dedicated project manager and development team
  • Integrated skills (design department, R&D unit) : mechanical and electronic CAD, software development, qualification, industrialization
  • Quality Management Program (ISO9001: 2015)
  • Skilled network of partners and subcontractors.

ECRIN Systems is a trusted partner in project management assistance related to products development and production its industrial customers.

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