VPX/3U mission computer


Replace an older generation VME computer made up with about ten 6U cards (SBC Quad-Core + ethernet switch + XMC I/O), in ATR format with a much smaller, much powerful and less expensive rack (SWAP-C ). This time, it will be embedded in a stand-alone vehicle (AUV Search & Rescue, underwater 3D inspection, anti-collision system …) with the mission of real-time signal processing on all sensors.



ECRIN Systems's solution

ECRIN Systems has developped an ultra compact solution based on 3U-VPX boards.
The number of boards has been drastically reduced with:
  • 2 8-Core Intel Broadwell-DE boards (Xeon-D server architecture) remplacing 4x 6U SBC
  • 1 FPGA Xilinx UltraScale board for Radar / Sonar signal processing in front-end
  • 1 GPU Nvidia Maxwell board used for video capture and intensive real-time processing

No more need for an Ethernet switch because there are enough links per CPU to connect them directly.


Conduction-cooled rack                3U-VPX XEON-D board

System’s internal architecture


The real-time computer is cooled by conduction via a cold plate at 40 ° C embedded in the AUV.

  • Each Xeon D-1539 board offers the power of an 8-core server for a TDP of only 35W, with 16GB DDR4, 64GB SLC SSD, 1x PCIe Gen 3 16x connected to the GPGPU board, 2 10G-KR ports …
  • A NVIDIA Maxwell GM107 board with 4 Frame Grabber eXtreme (FGX) inputs and 4 3G-SDI outputs with 1.2 TFLOPS embedded power
  • A Xilinx Kintex UltraScale XCKU115 board offering 5520 DSP slices
    • The interconnection with the CPU works via the PCIe 8X protocol Gen 3 (already integrated in the FPGA)
    • The board carries a FMC (VITA 57) with 4 ADC 12-bit @ 1 GSPS with Trig In / Out
  • For the link between CPU, we have suggested the 10GBase-KR protocol, simpler for data exchange
  • For the link with the peripheral boards, we have recommended the simpler PCIe protocol for the management of peripheral boards


For this SWaP-C application, ECRIN Systems has developped :

  • Le 3U-VPX backplane
  • The integrated COTS power supply is in 3U 4TE format, DC/DC, conduction cooled, VITA 62 compliant: up to 21A for +12V, 50A for +3.3V, 40A for +5V
  • A filter board integrating a maximum capacitive reserve of 20 ms (re-use)
  • The PCB for connectors interfacing with the outside
  • The environmental qualifications were carried out according to the MIL-STD-461E standard for EMC and to MIL-STD-810 standard for temperature, humidity and mechanical EQT 
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