Multifunction gateway


Design a gateway between various I/O and the onboard network of a ship.
As it has to be located as close as possible to the sensors, it is not always possible to have a rack to put the computer and its HMI.

Ecrin Systems : marchés

ECRIN Systems's solution

To meet this need, we have proposed a computer to be assembly on a panel in the same way as a general electric box. It integrates the computer with its I/O boards, a touch screen, and a configurable socket plate for the transfer of connections.

  • Mechanical development (folded stainless steel sheet specific rack)
  • Electronic development (power management, connection transfer, signal conditioning)
  • Project management
  • Project documentation
  • Prototyping, CE certification and environmental qualifications
  • Production of series

marches-defense-2 marches-defense-3 marches-defense-4


  • Specific stainless steel rack (515 x 550 x 215 mm), external appearance paint
  • ATX mother board solution or 14 slots passive bus
  • TFT 8,4″ display and touchpad
  • Specific power management electronics
  • Outlet plate, MIL-DTL-38999 connection transfer
  • Environmental qualifications (vibration / tempeerature / IP protection ) and CE certification


  • Protection against splashing water (IP 22)
  • Wall-mounted stand-alone rack, integrated shock absorber device
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