Modified µONYX for video application


Implementation of a gateway function for interfacing a long-range camera embedded in an armored wheeled or tracked vehicle.

Severe  MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-810 constraints in an ultra-compact footprint.

Video Militaire

ECRIN Systems's solution

ECRIN Systems has proposed a modified solution of its SFF (Small Form Factor) μONYX.

  • Maximum dimensions: 163.1mm x 208mm x 107.1mm
  • Design of a specific connectors front panel



  • Mission computer with circular connectics type MIL-DTL-38999 III Serie
  • Internal Compact COM Express architecture with System-on-Chip Core i7 6th gen (codename Skylake)
  • PMC and miniPCIe slots available for specific I / O configuration


  • Offering a Modified COTS of its mission computer µONYX, ECRIN Systems has provided the same connectors interface as the former system. The OEM did not have to modify the wiring.
  • The LRU is maintained by captive screws making maintenance easier.
  • The NRE charges paid by the customer have been adjusted at the lowest
  • ECRIN Systems has ported its BIT monitoring software (at power-up and operational mode) under ElinOS (Embedded Linux) following customer request
  • ECRIN Systems will provide maintenance for 20 years, thanks to the guaranteed scalability of COM Express modules
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