Hybrid VME system


Replace a Solaris SPARC workstation that has become obsolete by a Linux-based VME system whose main function is to secure smartphone payments



ECRIN Systems's solution

Development of a 7U rack combining VME / x86 COTS boards with customized conduction-cooled encryption boards.



  • Design by our design department of a hybrid backplane combining the standard VME bus, connected to a custom specific application bus, with direct connections (sub-D, BNC …) on rear panel
  • Design by our design department of a conduction cooling cage integrated in a 7U standard mechanics with ventilated cooling
  • CE, EMI/RFI environmental qualifications


ECRIN Systems has chosen to develop a PCB monolithic backplane that combines all VME bus, custom bus and standard connections interfacing functions, reducing the risk of failure due to internal cabling

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