Embedded processing server


Embedded on surface ships and submarines, this server has the mission of performing intensive sonar signals processing (classification …).
As regards the third generation of calculators, the issue was to:
– Decrease the rack depth to provide optional rack-mounting connection
– Improve ventilation to reduce the noise signature of the ship


ECRIN Systems's solution

In order to offer the best Power/Price ratio, we have proposed an Extended ATX motherboard architecture in a specific rack.
The rack depth was reduced to 410 mm.
Push-pull and ventilation tunnel were implemented for the processor/memory area.

  • Mechanical development (folded stainless steel sheet specific rack)
  • Electronic development (Two printed circuit boards for rack-mounting connection)
  • Project management
  • Project documentation
  • Prototyping, CE certification and environmental qualifications
  • Production of series



  • 410 mm depth 4U 1″ computer
  • Specific stainless steel rack
  • server E-ATX dual Xeon Hexa Core motherboard solution/ 48GB of memory
  • High performance Dual Head video
  • Environmental qualifications (shocks / vibration / temperature / hygrometry / EMC)


  • Front-rear ventilation tunnel to improve thermal performance
  • Very low depth for a CM Extended ATX Dual Xeon solution
  • Rack-mountable connection in option for fast on-board maintenance
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