Embedded console computer


As a redundant system embedded on a ship at the foot of the console, this computer had to respect a maximum depth of 300mm and respond to severe environmental conditions.


ECRIN Systems's solution

To meet the technical need, we proposed a PICMG 1.3 class server architecture that allows to implement 2 slots PCIe x8 + 1 slot PCIe x4.
In this case, the complete computer is considered as a LRU (Lowest Replaceable Unit). In order to make maintenance easier and reduce the MTTR, a rack-mount connection system has been implemented at the back of the rack to eliminate all PC connections and have no cables to disconnect.

  • Mechanical development (folded stainless steel sheet specific rack)
  • Electronic development (two printed circuit boards for reliable rack-mountable connection)
  • Project management
  • Project documentation
  • Prototyping, CE certification and environmental qualifications
  • Production of series



  • 297 mm very shallow 4U 19″ computer
  • Specific stainless steel rack
  • PICMG 1.3 server Class Bus solution
  • Mobile Core 2 Duo mobile then evolution towards a Xeon solution
  • High performance Dual Head video, PCIe x8 slots available for customer board
  • Environmental qualification (shock / vibration / temperature / hygrometry / EMC)


  • Transversely boards assembly to respect the depth constraint
  • Rack-mount connection for quick on board ships maintenance
  • Fiber optic connection on front panel
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