Custom PC with 3 functions in 3U high


Noise reduction and improved heat dissipation. The integration of an air-water exchanger into a waterproof marine bay requires reducing the size of computers and improving the airflow inside the bay.

Bringing modularity to a very compact computer to fulfil different needs.


ECRIN Systems's solution

Evolution of a monolithic calculator in 4U 19 ” format to a 2U rack solution + 1U rack. The 2U rack integrates all the functions of a high-end PC, the 1U rack can hold different types of video converters and is also used as a tunnel for the rack ventilation.

Both racks are mechanically interfaced to finally offer a “LRU calculator” in 3U 19″ rack format.



Computer’s features

  • PICMG 1.3 Bus, 4 PCIe x16 slots
  • Dual Xeon E5-2400 processor board
  • GPU boards, frame grabber, GbE
  • Extractable 4-in-1 mass-support cartridge
  • Attachement board + transfer of the connections on front panel
  • Rack-mountable connectors on rear panel

Video converter’s features

  • 1U mechanics to receive DP to Dual Link DVI-D converters and 6x LC for fiber optic links


  • Re-use of the 19″ rack-mountable modular connectics on rear panel to change the LRU calculator very easily without altering the internal wiring of the bay (power supply, Ethernet, USB)
  • Design of an attachement board and transfer of the connections on front panel
  • Re-use of a 4-in-1 removable disk tray already developed for the customer, offering 4 SSD 2.5 ” SAS / SATA slots in a 200mm depth 5.25 ” footprint
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