cPCI and 3U VPX dual computer


Provide video processing boxes that are added to an existing viewfinder configuration to improve performance.


ECRIN Systems's solution

Development of a 4U, 19 ” rack, receiving a dual VPX & cPCI monolithic bus, convection-cooled 3U COTS PCI boards, conduction-cooled custom VPX boards, 3U plug-in industrial power supply and remote on rear panel MIL-DTL- 38999 connections.

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  • Creation of a specific board-cage to integrate VPX conduction cooled boards into a ventilated chassis
  • Study, diagrams and routing of the VPX and cPCI dual bus integrating high-speed links between slots
  • Study, diagrams and routing of transition modules ensuring links between the bus and MIL-DTL-38999 connections on back panel
  • Integration and testing of the system with cPCI COTS boards and VPX conduction cooled boards developed by the customer
  • Environmental qualifications
  • Document management and project management


  • The association of convection and conduction cooled boards in the same 4U / 19 ” rack to optimize space.
  • The design of an hybrid bus combining VPX and Compact PCI 3U.
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