Convection cooled rugged compactPCI 3U system


Design a high-bandwidth sonar interceptor system for integration in surface ships and submarines of the French Navy.



ECRIN Systems's solution

The system can start at -20 ° C thanks to an integrated heater.

All boards are tropicalized to endure salt spray.

At the beginning, the customer has imagined a conduction cooled system, but this technology was too expensive. ECRIN Systems has recommended standard temperature range boards (0 ° C-60 ° C) integrated in a rugged, shocks and vibration naval constraints resistant rack. The system is able to start at -20 ° C thanks to a heating resistance with a start-up time compatible with the customer’s specifications.



  • COTS Core 2 Duo CPU in Compact PCI 3U format
  • COTS fast analog acquisition boards
  • 4 ports PMC Ethernet switch on 3U carrierboard
  • Customised 2.5″ SSD SLC-based storage board removable via front panel
  • Customised auxiliary board for remote monitoring of the system (heating system, temperatures, ventilation, supply voltages)
  • Embedded Linux LSP booting on compact Flash (image < 3 MB)


  • Specific monolithic bus integrating 2 PXI segments and 2 cPCI-32 bits sections with a 4-port Ethernet switch on the backplane for up to 4 functions in a single 4U / 19 ” footprint of a very space constrained submarine
  • Customised folded stainless steel sheet rack, IP-54, shock resistant and incorporating a preheating system
  • Electronics with HumiSeal® 1B73 varnish against salt spray
  • Documentation and qualifications (MIL-STD-1310 Rev.G, GAM EG 13 Booklet 61, EN 60950, ISO 3864, IPCA 610, EN 55022, STANAG 1008)
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