ARINC bus recording and monitoring system


The French Naval Aeronautics was looking for a system for monitoring and recording the information flow on the various ARINC buses of the KC135.


ECRIN Systems's solution

ECRIN Systems has expanded and modified a AMPRO fanless computer (this manufacturer was since acquired by ADLINK), integrating two PC104 boards to add screened ARINC-429 lines and a DO-160 power supply board.
For this project, ECRIN Systems has developed the ARINC lines opto-isolation board, the power supply and screening board to comply with DO-160F.

After a successful on-board testing campaign on the KC135, 15 computers of this type were manufactured and delivered to the French Defence Procurement Agency.

bus-arinc-1 bus-arinc-2


  • Based on COTS calculators from the AMPRO RUFF family
  • ARINC-429 links hardware and software integration
  • Opto isolation board for Rx lines
  • Adding a screening stage upstream of the power supply to comply with DO-160


  • ECRIN Systems has demonstrated its ability to develop a semi-rugged industrial computer for a military program with aeronautical constraints such as DO-160 qualification
  • ECRIN Systems has carried out all the tests requested for DO-160 by the the French Authorities
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