FMC+ by Vadatech

VadaTech is now shipping carriers and FMC modules to the FMC+ (VITA 57.4) specification. These make use of the higher number of serial lanes on the FMC+ connector to support more devices using JESD204B for high-speed ADC/DAC. Examples include the FMC250, which provides dual AD9625 ADCs providing 12-bit conversion rates of up to 2.6 GSPS, and a single DAC (AD9162 or AD9164) providing 16-bit conversion rates of up to 12 GSPS. The increased pin count of the FMC+ means that all eight JESD204B lanes can be routed from each AD9625, avoiding the need to decimate on the chip. An appropriate carrier for this would be the AMC583, a double-module XCKU115-based carrier with two FMC+ sites. With 8GB of DDR4 and an FPGA boasting over 5,500 DSP slices, the module also has on-board P2040 host processor.

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