ECRIN Systems at PARIS AIR SHOW 2017

ECRIN Systems will exhibit at the 52nd Paris Air Show (Paris – Le Bourget) from 2017, June 19 to 23, Hall 2b – Booth E10. For the first time, it will present demos of its new μONYX, μOPALE V2 and ONYX-HD products in real-life conditions on its customers’ missions.

The ONYX-HD will be presented integrated in the dual-screen airborne operator console of our German partner ESG, which designs and certifies complete air mission management systems. The ESG mission systems are used in military search and rescue applications in enemy zone, for ISR (Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) and in para-military applications such as surveillance of large cities by the Air Police , Maritime patrol, border surveillance …

In the demo case, the system is used by German and European police forces, embedded in helicopters. “ECRIN Systems, as a supplier of DO-160 qualified and rugged computers, has been chosen as a partner for the Mission Management Information System because, thanks to its flexibility and technical capabilities, it has been able to adapt the generic platform ONYX-HD to the specific needs of our project ” testified Bernhard MAIER, export sales manager at ESG. Combining the efforts of ECRIN Systems and ESG engineers, the ONYX platform has been optimized in order to be used in applications requiring very high performance in video processing with very low video latency. The ONYX-HD offers a high number of video interfaces and allows the implementation of the augmented reality function “TaViO” (tactical video overlay). The video channel works simultaneously with 2 Full-HD channels on the input and output with real time full frame rate and provides recordings and re-play features. A moving map view gives the corresponding tactical and situational awareness. The ECRIN Systems’s ONYX-HD platform has proved to be the right one to meet the requirements of airborne video-oriented mission systems” concluded Mr MAIER, who will be present at the ECRIN Systems booth to answer your questions.

Both µONYX and µOPALE V2-D, exhibited for the first time in real-life conditions, will be integrated in an acquisition, processing and storage chain of video data coming from sensors connected to one or more μONYX embedded in an UAV. Once the real-time pre-processing is carried out on board, the useful part of the information will be encapsulated in an IP stream to the ground control station. The RF stream will be retrieved from a mobile shelter, equipped with several μOPALE V2-D with different configurations, in order to achieve control/command functions to UAVs, and to perform data processing and recording functions for delayed processing, Replay sequences, Embedded training, or search for evidence …

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