CRYSTAL 23’’: STANAG & MIL-STD-810 qualified multi-mission naval console for surface ships and submarines

After launching in 2015 its first naval console CRYSTAL-19, based on a SXGA 1280×1024 resolution display that meets the specific needs of one of its major accounts, ECRIN Systems was pleased to introduce in worldwide preview at EURONAVAL 2016 show (Paris-Le Bourget) its new CRYSTAL-23 naval console. As its suffix suggests, it is equipped with a 23″ Full HD 1920 x 1080 (16/9) resolution ergonomic display.

CRYSTAL-23 is a multi-function console able to change very quickly context and thus mission to meet the new constraints of operations Centers: fewer seafarers to carry out the same functions essential to the success of the undertaken mission, as on the FREMM multi-mission frigates type.  Who says fewer seafarers, says fewer consoles; but they have to perform more functions than the previous generation.

CRYSTAL-23 has perfectly mastered its increase in volume since it always passes into the manhole of submarine, and its weight has taken less than 10%, to 45 kg in its standard version. We have preserved and respected the same constraints in terms of cost of ownership, ergonomics, system management/monitoring, reliability and resistance to shock and vibration to maintain easy accessibility to the various system LRU for optimized repair and / or updating time.

The console is exclusively made of COTS modules coming from the industrial PC world which we have rugged and made reliable (electronic boards varnishing for marine environment, glue spots on heavy components, Ty-Raps for cable trays fixed on hooks integrated into the mechanical structure, thread lock and glue spots on the connectors, wiring and cabling harness interconnection in conformity with the IPC/WHMA-A-620 standard. Each subassembly was integrated as LRU via a plate secured by captive screws to reduce the under operational conditions maintenance time and maximize the durability of the consoles by substituting more recent COTS after End Of Life of the original LRU.

Ergonomic design was the key point of CRYSTAL-23. Meetings between the client’s ergonomists and our industrial design team made it possible to understand the positioning of each piece, the structure shape of course, but also the material to be used to respect the comfort and temperature of the parts in direct contact with the operator (For example, the folding table which could not be cold, was made in vacuum molding technology).

Only the HUMS -Health and Usage Monitoring System- function required a specific electronic development by ECRIN Systems R & D department. The monitoring module allows to manage CRYSTAL in good working order at any time: ttemperatures, humidity, supply voltages, shocks sensors… It also makes it possible to manage start-up sequences, control the heating system, air conditionning and ventilation within CRYSTAL for optimal operation in order to maintain an ambitious MTBF. The automation of this complex function has been achieved by ECRIN Systems to provide its customers with an easy-to-use API that the operator can configure according to its constraints of use.

CRYSTAL-23 successfully passed all environmental qualifications: MIL-STD-810E for temperature, humidity, drip-proof and salt spray protection, 30G@6ms shocks, MIL-STD-167-1 for 1G vibration between 4 and 55Hz. The STANAG 4435 V2 standard was applied for EMI/RFI and the STANAG 1008 Ed 9 standard for power supply.

As for all COTS products designed by ECRIN Systems, CRYSTAL-23 was designed to be flexible and easy to adapt to the specific needs of any customer. That’s why, the front panel with Lexan supporting connectors can easily be changed. The removable rear connectors’ interface is easy to configure with others I/O connectors depending on the remaining, removed or added functions in CRYSTAL. The integrated fan less conformal coated PC Box can be configured according to the desired performance for the customer’s application. Its memory size can be adapted, as well as the SSD storage capacity. Don’t hesitate to contact us to study together the addition of other internal functions (there is some space left!)

It is also easy to handle and is able to travel all over the world thanks to its specifically designed GAM EMB-A2P compatible wooden forwarder case and its lifting system.

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