Conduction cooled platforms

In its 2019 Rugged Computers roadmap, ECRIN Systems will cover all your requirements with only five platforms. The target is to offer our customers with one unique flexible qualified platform type per application and environmental conditions. That will simplify your choice, reducing your Time to Market, minimizing the change-risk and increasing your Return on Investment (ROI) in Mil/Aero market.

ONYX platform, introduced 6 years ago during EUROSATORY 2012 in Paris, has demonstrated its capabilities and reliability in many programs. It is today unavoidable when GPGPU has to be the INTEL companion for the mission. ONYX-HD variant with augmented reality is ideal for situation awareness, search and rescue in military and homeland security for police, embedded in fixed or rotary wings aircrafts.
Looking for lighter SWaP mission computer, we introduced in 2016, µONYX that divided by two Size, Weight and Power consumption down to 3kg/ 3 liters/ 30 watts keeping same level of CPU performance thanks Core i7-U SoC downsizing. Its LRU/SRU concept attracted many Program Managers for tactical UAV and Ground Vehicle mobiles.
But the race to Small Form Factor will never end. Nano-ONYX will arrive early 2019 with incredible features in terms of SWaP with 1.8kg/ 1.6 liter/ less 10 watts keeping Quad-Core SoC performance with many AcroPack cable less mezzanines for extensive I/O configuration “à la carte”. Nano-ONYX will be the best weapon to address small and medium UAV, robot and small autonomous vehicles.

At the upper end, we introduced during EUROSATORY 2018 in Paris, ONYX-ET dedicated to Embedded Training and simulation. Less ruggedized, it offers up to 3 High Definition DVI outputs thanks its 2048 CUDA parallel Cores NVIDIA Quadro PASCAL GPU inside. New generation of Ground Vehicles will be equipped with on-board simulation in static mode, means immobile vehicle and engine stopped. ONYX-ET offers the whole spectrum of simulated training functions and provides crew members with the following on-board simulations: a tactical scenario (digital map with threats and targets); presence of realistic Computer-Generated Forces (friend and foe); on-board sensors; weapons, including specific symbology and delivery parameters.
Last but not least, we were very proud to convert during 2018 our new TOPAZE D concept introduced end of 2017, into real modified versions for huge RADAR and Electronic Warfare programs. In forced air-cooled as well as convection cooled chassis, the flexible multi-slot backplane architecture imagined by our R&D department, based on Open VPX standard, has demonstrate its flexibility and modularity for many different systems and environments like Radar, Sonar, EW, SIGINT, C4ISR and SDR. VITA66 for Optical Modules and VITA67 for Coax-RF Modules options are yet integrated into our data bank to make your next project faster, safer and cheaper.
With ECRIN Systems smart and loyal partnership, you can subcontract, co-develop and outsource your next rugged system staying cool. With ITAR free export rules and OFFSET services in INDIA, the system that ECRIN Systems will develop and manufacture for you, will stay under your control, exclusively.
Our strategy of Modified COTS systems supplier is our DNA, definitely.

Yours, sincerely,

Elie Gasnier

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