About ECRIN Systems

Présentation société Ecrin

Embedded electronics expert

Our mission is to:
• innovate, create, develop and sell embedded computers and industrial systems,
• provide relevant solutions to major engineering and R&D contractors,
• meet our customers and partners’ requirements,
• continuously improve the quality and performance of our products and services.

Our vision:
• Becoming the European leader in COTS and Modified COTS computers and embedded high-added value industrial systems.
• Providing reliable and durable solutions with optimized timeframe.


Over the last 40 years, ECRIN Systems has built its development around three activities to become one of the major embedded electronics players in the French and European market:
• Engineering and Computer-on-Demand ODM services
• design and production of ECRIN “Ready to Application” products
• COTS modules sale with associated systems integration

This triple competence makes ECRIN Systems a unique partner in the Embedded market, with high innovation potential and strong expertise.
Main contractors, manufacturers and industrials approve of ECRIN Systems which pays particular attention to designing and providing inovative and robust systems that meet the most demanding requirements.

With a team of 16 Research & Development engineers and technicians, innovation is a key driver for ECRIN Systems which devotes 7% of its turnover in it.

logo-oseoECRIN Systems has been OSEO labeled as a French innovative SME since July 2010.


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